IT'S A PUPPY PALOOZA at the Zuccaro's!

Please help us welcome our newest Foster Family to the Must Luv Dogs family!   Brenda Zuccaro & her sons, Eric & Brandon were so happy to finally meet these six bundles of...well bundles of fur!  These puppies were born from a mom that was a stray and a good soul took her in long enough to give birth...sadly, her family would not allow her to keep them so MLD rescued the momma & puppies and provided a quiet place to nurse and have some time to get settled.  She was then transferred to our friends out at PenPals, along with her six furry tag-alongs, (with a promise we'd come back for the pups as soon as they were weened).  That day arrived quicker than we were ready so we were a bit worried. What to do with all these fresh faced little furballs since we are short on foster families & long on puppies right now (with this batch that makes a total of 12!) ?  We are soo thankful that Brenda and her sons stepped up happy to take these precious little bundles.  They are gonna be BIG dogs.   They all have tons of thick fur (like an aussie) and huge paws.  The momma is a beagle mix and we are pretty sure the daddy was shepherd mix.  Due to the color markings on the litter, we believe he was part Australian Shepherd.  Who knows?  It's anyones guess what their heritage is...but we know what their future holds for now.... LOTS Of hugs & cuddles from Brenda and all of her sons.    Thanks again Brenda, Eric and Brandon!   Look for these sweet pups to show up on our petfinder site soon!